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14 Surprising Features of the LEGOLAND New York Resort

14 Surprising Features of the LEGOLAND New York Resort

A stay at the LEGOLAND New York Resort comes with some unexpected benefits. Scroll down to discover some of the best surprises waiting inside, whether you’re planning a stay or just curious about what’s behind those brightly colored windows.

Whoopee Cushion

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

You might not notice this unassuming design on the rug near the elevators at first, but once your kids step on it for the first time, they won’t be able to walk by without trying it.

Treasure Hunting Can Be Exhausting But Fun

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Every stay includes a treasure hunt. Children will be tasked with counting items in your hotel room in order to reveal a secret code that will unlock a safe full of goodies. Unfortunately, it is not as simple as it appears. We ran into several parents who, after two days of trying, were still trying to figure out how many pirate keys were scattered around their room.

There Are LEGO Bricks Everywhere.

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Each room includes a large bin of LEGO bricks for children to play with. Display areas allow your child to hang their works of art on the wall, keeping them safe in the room while you’re at the park.

Meeting Famous People

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

At the LEGOLAND New York Hotel, you never know who you’ll meet. Kelly Clarkson was recently spotted at a park with her children. Kevin James, an actor, also stayed at the hotel. Check out the autographed LEGO stars in the lobby to see which celebrities have stayed there before you.

Bathrooms That Talk To You

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

The talking mirror in the hotel’s public restrooms is a fun touch. Simply step up to the sink and check your reflection. You’ll almost certainly receive some encouraging remarks.

An Amazing Hotel Pool

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

The LEGOLAND New York Resort pool was one of the cleanest and most refreshing hotel pools I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. On a particularly hot weekend at the park, we spent the majority of the day splashing around. This summer, the poolside Sand Bar will open with adult beverages for parents.

Bricks That Float

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Unique floating LEGO bricks for your child to build and create with can be found in and around the pool. They’re popular with both young and old LEGO fans, but they’re not for sale. They are only available at the LEGOLAND New York Resort.

The Disco Elevator

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

I dare anyone to stand still once the doors to any of the hotel’s three elevators close. A bright disco ball illuminates, music begins to play, and it’s an all-out elevator party. As the ride comes to an end, the music and lights abruptly turn off, giving you just enough time to gather your thoughts before the doors reopen.

Pajama Party!

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

At the LEGOLAND New York Resort, each night concludes with a pajama dance party in the lobby. A massive castle surrounded by bins of LEGO bricks is the ideal place for your child to let off steam before retiring for the night. The evening festivities are hosted by a dancer and storyteller who will entertain your child while you relax.


LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Parents will be pleased to learn that the hotel has a full bar right next to the play area. So, while your kids are having a pajama party, you can relax with a drink and watch someone else entertain your child for a while.

Freebies In The Room

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Unlike many other hotels, the LEGOLAND New York Resort provides its guests with free water and juice in their rooms. A complimentary coffee machine is also available. It’s little touches like this that make it special staying on property.

A Massive Free Breakfast Buffet

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Every stay includes a breakfast buffet. Bacon, eggs, a waffle bar, pastries, and a variety of other breakfast treats will keep you fueled for a day at the park. Although breakfast is included, guests should make reservations ahead of time to avoid waiting in line.

Separate The Children’s Quarters

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Parents will be ecstatic to learn that children have their own room at the LEGOLAND New York Resort. A special bunk-bed room includes a television and a massive bin of LEGO bricks to play with.

Soaps And Shampoos From LEGOLAND

LEGOLAND New York Hotel

Forget the tiny hotel bottles. The LEGOLAND New York Resort provides kid-friendly squeeze bottles full of shampoo to create a cool shower mohawk.

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