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Here Are Your 4 Best Options For Ice Cream In New York’s LEGOLAND

Here Are Your 4 Best Options For Ice Cream In New York’s LEGOLAND

Experience a BRICKTASTIC summer at LEGOLAND New York! Fun can be found at every turn, from a thrilling ride on The Dragon Coaster to a lesson in Spinjitzu from Master Wu. Treat yourself after a fun-filled day of playing hard! In the summer, a day without ice cream just isn’t a summer day. You may cool off with a frozen treat at one of these LEGOLAND New York eateries.

LEGOLAND New York Ice Cream

The Meltdown

The Meltdown, a new location in Bricktopia which just opened in 2022. The hard ice cream at The Meltdown is legendary. When you need to get out of the sun and into some ice cream, stop by Creative Workshop.

LEGOLAND New York Ice Cream

Wizards Frozen Wonders

Do not worry if you get a little too hot when exploring the LEGO Castle and encountering the Dragon. To satisfy your craving for something sweet and refreshing, the Wizard has concocted several Bricktastic Ice Cream varieties. Visit Wizard’s Frozen Wonders in LEGO Castle, not far from Merlin’s Flying Machines. Indulge in some crazy-colored soft serve ice cream. There’s the traditional chocolate, the bright yellow vanilla, the vibrant red bubble gum, and the calming blue cotton candy. Prepared with creamy A La Mode ice cream.

LEGOLAND New York Ice Cream

City Scoops

Want to cool off in LEGO City with an ice cream cone? Visit City Scoops right now! Before you take your driving test at Driving School, grab a spoon that changes colors and a bowl of sorbet.

LEGOLAND New York Ice Cream - Granny Smith Apple Fries

Granny’s Apple Fries

Granny’s Apple Fries are the best when dipped in a vanilla soft serve cone. The apple fries are a must-have since they are hand-battered and cooked to a golden crisp. They’re great either on their own or with some ice cream as a cool summer treat. For this exclusive LEGOLAND Parks treat, visit LEGO City, which is located near The Wharf.

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