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Is LEGOLAND New York open all year?

Is LEGOLAND New York open all year?
LEGOLAND New York main entrance

Both LEGOLAND California and LEGOLAND Florida are in the southern part of the country, where the weather is good all year long. Since LEGOLAND New York is in the North, LEGOLAND New York will not be open all year long. Because it would cost too much money to keep the park open all year, they say.

Another reason is that many of their rides and attractions are outside and must be shut down in the winter for safety reasons and guests’ comfort. It also helps them plan and hire staff for peak season because LEGOLAND New York is a seasonal theme park.

All year long, the LEGOLAND New York Hotel will be open, even though the main LEGOLAND theme park will be closed for the winter months. In the hotel, there will be nightly entertainment, LEGO model-building competitions, character meet-and-greets, huge play structures, and other attractions and activities.

Legoland New York Theme Park will be open from April to November. (Subject to change).

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