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LEGOLAND New York Donates Pumpkins to Animal Shelter

LEGOLAND New York Donates Pumpkins to Animal Shelter

You may have heard a lot of conversation this week about how you should donate your Halloween pumpkins instead of throwing them away. It turns out there is something you can do with your unused pumpkins that can make some rescue animals really happy.

Squirrels, deer, woodchucks, and even goats really enjoy being able to chow down on a pumpkin. Hudson Valley farm markets often donate their unsold pumpkins to area farms so that livestock can have a seasonal treat. Pumpkins can make an extremely healthy snack for a variety of animals.

LEGOLAND New York Donates Pumpkins to Animal Shelter in Middletown, NY

Some farms will leave their pumpkins back out in the field, so they help plant next year’s crop, but others gather up their leftovers and head for the nearest hungry crowd. It’s not just farms that sell pumpkins that make these donations. There are also Hudson Valley businesses such as LEGOLAND New York that use pumpkins for decoration and once Halloween is over, they make a donation of pumpkins post-Halloween. When those giant orange orbs are left uncarved, they make the perfect meal for some hungry animals.

LEGOLAND New York Donates Pumpkins to Animal Shelter

LEGOLAND New York recently gifted their leftover pumpkins to Pets Alive an animal sanctuary in Middletown. Pets Alive shouted out LEGOLAND New York for their generosity with a big thank you on their Facebook page. I reached out to LEGOLAND New York to find out just how many pumpkins were donated but they haven’t responded yet, so we will update you later with that information.

The donation of the pumpkins has been a real treat for the goats who call Pets Alive their home. FYI later this year, you should think about donating your real Christmas tree, they are a goat treat too.

Hannaford in Middletown Sells Bags to Help Animal Sanctuary

So, if you still have a pumpkin kicking around why not donate it to a hungry goat? And if you are all out of pumpkins but you still want to help Pets Alive and the animals, they care for then think about buying one of the Middletown Hannaford’s reusable grocery bags during the month of November. For every bag that gets sold for $2.50 Pets Alive gets $1.00.

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